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Women’s Development Organisation (WDO) was formed with prime objective to assist, encourage and to uplift rural & urban economically backward women from their welter of poverty that has still plagued them even after many years of independence.



1. To introduce improved technology in agriculture and agro-forestry with specific aim of reducing                       drudgery operations carried out by women and for improving productivity per unit area of land.

2. To improve economic status of rural women through involvement in various remunerative enterprises.

3. To improve health, nutrition and educational standards of the women and their families.



1. The main objectives of the Organisation are to uplift economic and social standard of rural and weaker           sections of society.

2. To increase public understanding of the potential, production, conversion, Utilisation and conservation          of non-conventional energy sources.

3. To organize conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and study groups at local, regional, National              and international level.

4. To establish institutions, libraries, reading rooms, hostel, boarding houses for the development and for          advancement of education and expansion of knowledge for the community.

5. To arrange for training centres for the development of cottage and village industries.

6. To introduce the latest development and techniques of agriculture to the members and community.

7. To establish, maintain and manage play grounds, Hospitals, Dharamshalas, tubewell and water works           for supply of drinking water and for the construction of and/or repairs of wells for the use of public in             general as well as for the proper sanitation and other environmental and ecological aspects.

8. To encourage and promote village and cottage industries covered under state and central government            and non-Government sectors affiliated to our organisation.

9. To get financial assistance from state and central government and non-Government National and                    international Agencies, co-operatives and bank to achieve the objectives of the organisation.

10. To organize debates, social and cultural Programme, camps, and organise social development                            programs for the community.

11. To undertake all types of works relating to rural and Urban Development by way of implementing                   different project producing goods and products which may be man made/hand made (Cottage industry          type to large Scale Industry type).

12. To establish and maintain hostels for single working women who are unmarried, widows or who have           either been divorced or separated form their husbands or for married women whose husbands are out           of town and who are in some way or the other Associated with the Organization.

13. To provide income generating trainings such as: 

        a. Training-cum-employment –cum – production Programme for textile items like barrack blankets.                  G.C. cloth durries, dusters etc.

        b. To conduct handicraft trainings

        c. Rambans cultivation and utilisation trainings

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